On Procrastination

There are days where you feel like doing nothing, where the desire for nothingness is so strong your brain jumps on any distraction it can find.

Today is one of these days for me.

I feel like running away. Fortunately, I know overcoming procrastination is pretty straight forward. You can either go through the day and try to be productive amidst the busyness, or temporarily retreat. I choose the latter.

You can't always force yourself to sit still and put in the work, but you must at least try. When I know for sure my state of mind isn't right, I retreat, I do something else to reignite the flame.

Going offline helps me a lot. Cleaning my room and exercising rarely fail to rejuvenate me. Interestingly, both are a form of meditation. Fighting procrastination really is about regaining your focus, regaining mindfulness.

Guilt is not needed, fear has no reason to last. Resistance is at its strongest when your mind is clouded with emotions. It's not uncommon to see creators taking refuge in drugs, sex, or similar self-destructive behaviors when the emotions are too loud to be ignored. A sustainable creative process involves detachment: detachment from ideas, emotions, schedules, dehumanizing routines...

You can't lit a nice fireplace without proper sweeping.