On practicing what you preach

Most people think of philosophy as something abstract, which does not belong to everyday life but to formal dinners.

This could not be further from the truth. Philosophy is an act first.

You cannot preach something without it being already a driving force in your life.

When I set out to make 200 Words a Day, I was already 18 days in the challenge. I experienced its benefits first-hand. And I knew how it could benefit others by adding new social dynamics to it.

This was a belief supported by a personal philosophy. An act, no vain words.

When your thoughts, your values and your acts are aligned, something extraordinary happens. A flow that allows you to be and do your best.

This is why I strive to perform in accordance to my own morals, to my own feelings.

I will never work for the nuclear or the agricultural industry. More importantly, I will never stop writing software, or at least as long as my body allows it. I will never stop meeting new people in new places, because I am a nomad at heart. I will never stop making, because this is who I am.

If tomorrow I was to earn one million dollars, few things would change and many would remain.

Find your alignment. This is my way to happiness.