On Holidays

I went on a short trip to Rennes for the past three days. First real weekend in six months, I took a break to visit close friends.

Rennes is a city in French Brittany with a nice student/working class vibe. We rented an Airbnb in the Horizons tower, inspired by the Bauhaus movement and near the Place des Lices where most places to go out at night are located.

It was a lot of fun, time spent creating new memories or reminiscing old ones. Now we are graduated, opportunities for visiting college friends are getting increasingly rare. We all are quite international. It wasn't a chance to miss.

I was still writing my 200 words a day, but I was off the grid most of the time. Not doing anything productive felt refreshing and propitious to reflection.

I am now at my brother's place in Bordeaux, we had to watch Game of Thrones' finale together.

I'm back to work tomorrow with new ideas to experiment with.

I'm moving to Vietnam in two weeks, for a duration of 3 months. This little trip was a great appetizer. I missed the excitement, the dive in the unknown trying to navigate through new lands and spaces.

Time to pack.