On Curiosity

If you want to write, become curious first.

Since we live in an economy where knowledge is the universal metric of growth, curiosity is probably the most important quality we must possess to succeed in today's world.

There is a saying in France. La curiosité est un vilain défaut. The equivalent in English is "curiosity killed the cat", but it doesn't translate well the meaning of the French version: "curiosity is a naughty flaw". This paradoxical view on curiosity is deeply ingrained in the West: Prometheus was condemned by the gods after robbing them of fire, and Adam was expelled from Eden after eating the forbidden apple. Curiosity is perceived as a sin.

There are different types of curiosity. Knowledge is different from mere information, because it never fades. If we feed our curiosity with knowledge, it can only open up our mind to new possibilities.

Acquiring knowledge is not merely memorizing it, it's becoming its embodiment. And the thing with non-tacit knowledge is that you never truly understand what you do not write.

Don't wait for inspiration. Instead, acknowledge what you don't know and do some research or experiments. Then, write down what you learned. Be curious every day, and you become a better writer. More importantly, you'll be a better human being.