On commuting in Penang

Digital nomad or not, chances are you are commuting to work most days of the week.

Commuting is a part of life, and the way you commute tells a lot about you.

Last month I was working from my Airbnb in Georgetown, so my commute consisted in a trip between my bed and the living room. I would just occasionally go out to a coffee shop to get some writing done.

This month I moved to a pod hotel and decided to buy a fixed desk at a nearby coworking space for 80$ per month - the Wifi being much more powerful - as I need to get a lot of work done. My routine changed, and so did my commute.

My hotel is located near the Guanyin temple, in a Hokkien neighborhood (chinese subculture originating from Fujian). I am usually having Koay Teow Th'ng for breakfast in a local coffeeshop.

I pass by the Kapitan Keling Mosque on my way to the coworking space - I commute on foot -, built by Indian Muslim traders in the 19th century.

Nearby, tourists from around the globe are taking pictures of the famous local street art.

I then reach Little India where scents of spices, dried flowers and herbs never fail to soothe me. This biryani chicken looks good, should I have a second breakfast?

Just a little further, and the workplace building is now visible. The coworking space facing the docks, I take great pleasure in losing myself in my thoughts watching the Strait of Malacca. Time to work.

Penang island is not called the Pearl of the Orient for nothing. Its diversity never fails to inspire me.

Georgetown taught me that commuting can be great.