November Project Inventory

Some of you might wonder what the hell I'm doing with my time, so here is an inventory of what I'm doing and why.

Mastery is both my vision and my mission, why and how I live my life. Tech, writing, travel, and entrepreneurship are my tools to reach mastery. They suit me best because they leverage my strengths and interests.

The projects I work on leverage those tools. I currently have 5 main projects. is a product for writers. I made it because I need to write a lot and well: content is king. The best way to do that is to use social accountability and visual triggers: a community and a day streak. I'm releasing a blog today because I want to grow this community and provide useful writing advice. This blog is one of my three sub-projects. is a book about becoming a sustainable digital nomad. It's still a work-in-progress. I want to write it because it makes me a better writer and a better traveler. is a newsletter I co-founded because I need to read to get better at writing. Sipreads makes me accountable (I have to read at least one book per month or else I'll disappoint my cofounder and my readers) and I get to help people, so it totally makes sense for me. is a time management product. I want to make this app because time is the essence of everything. Building a tool that addresses all my needs will allow me to become the captain of my fate. is my personal website. I can’t hide behind my products - features aren't everything - so I need to build a strong personal brand. Having a personal website allows me to make my writing more shareable, which in turn grows my products and creates more opportunities. In the same continuity, I'm working on two sub-projects: a newsletter and a YouTube channel. Both leverage my writings to reach more people.

All my projects are interrelated. I choose to work on something because I think it adds value to what I'm already doing (or so I think, till I'm proved otherwise by reality).

I make products because that's how wealth is generated: not just money but also time and enriching experiences. I need to be a traveler because it makes me more productive and it allows me to reduce my burn rate to build more products. I'm in tech because that's what I studied and it's my passion since I'm a child. I write because I love sharing. I became an entrepreneur because all my interests wouldn't fit in one job title.

Everything is linked, that's my alignment.