No Coffee

It's part of the programmer cliché to love coffee. I do too, I crave for its stimulating effects. I drink between one and three cups of Americano every day - a double espresso with a lot of water and some brown sugar.

But today is not one of these days, I'm progressively reducing my caffeine intake to zero. The reason is quite simple: I want to get back in a biphasic sleep pattern.

It might appear paradoxical to cut down on caffeine because tea and coffee boost your metabolism to reduce fatigue. However, they're also disrupting your circadian cycle, by definition. Since my new sleep pattern relies on a nap during the afternoon, I can't afford to consume any form of caffeine.

I don't need to rely on caffeine to increase my energy levels, I can get the same effect through more natural means: exercise, meditation, diet, and quality sleep.

Removing my coffee intake is also removing most of my refined sugar intake, which is obviously a good thing for my health.

For now, I'm switching from coffee to green tea to reduce the withdrawal symptoms, and in two weeks I will completely stop my daily caffeine consumption.

It didn't start well yesterday. I woke up, made myself some tea, and drank it directly without having eaten beforehand. The tea was so strong I almost threw up, way to go! I'm looking forward to the headaches.