Next Month in Budapest

On January the 4th, I'll be coming back to the same apartment I rented two Spring ago in Budapest. I loved it. It was cheap, yet clean and minimalist. The internet connection was also lightning-fast. A long desk and a comfortable chair face a window overviewing the interior courtyard.

The studio is located in Buda, the western side of Budapest, a hundred meters from the old town. There is a huge mall where I used to get my groceries and a tram station nearby. Everything is convenient.

I noticed the listing on Airbnb at $350 for a whole month and jumped on it. The plane ticket was crazy cheap too, $20 from Bordeaux to Budapest.

Budapest was the city where I published my first blog post, describing why I choose to become a full-time entrepreneur straight out of college. I remember being so afraid of publishing this article that I ended up asking a friend to proof-read it. That was before I heard of Grammarly.

It was also my first destination as a nomad maker. I started developing my habits in the very same room: tweeting about my progress every day, pushing code in public, and documenting my journey, among others.

I had a good time in France, but I hear the call of a new adventure.