New Personal Growth Framework

Today I finished mapping my new personal growth framework, a mind-map summarizing the links between my professional aspirations and my daily habits. I use it as a reminder: why and how I work. Here is a brief description of the structure:

- Vision (what I should strive for): Mastery

- Pillars of growth and resulting habits:

I. Indie Entrepreneurship

  1. Deep Work
  2. Experimental Mindset: be a prolific creator and attach yourself to problems, not ideas or products
  3. Always Be Sharing: write at least 200 words a day
  4. Constant Learner: read offline, try out new technologies, slow travel
  5. Kaizen: one commit a day

II. Health is a prerequisite

  1. Diet: flexitarian diet
  2. Cultivate Compassion: meet new cultures through travels, get involved in local or glocal communities, nurture meaningful interactions by consuming less social media to leave room for one-on-ones
  3. Sleep: wake up with the sun and sleep for at least 8 hours a day
  4. Exercise: strength and stretching routine
  5. Practice Mindfulness: walking, biking, or meditation routine

III. Ramen Profitability

  1. Reduce expenses: by simple living and traveling
  2. Increase income: money is a byproduct of mastery, all I can do is to diversify my sources of income

One vision, three pillars, no goals, micro-habits only. Let's see how far I can go over the next 12 months.