The nomad life. A lifestyle based on movement.

The nomad never travels. He moves around the same territory following the sun and the seasons.

Sedentary societies are a sum of movements as well. Flows of goods, flows of people. We tend to ease the former rather than the latter. Moving populations scare governments, but trade generates profit.

Our lives are a pile of movements. We commute. We move in. We move out. We travel. Cities are booming with rushing individuals. We can't stand still.

Movement is not only physical. There are intellectual and spiritual movements. Humans are molded by them. Capitalism, communism, Christians, Buddhists, ecologists, lobbyists... We belong to one movement or another.

Reality itself is just one big movement. Atoms are nothing but particles in constant motion. The universe is constantly expanding. Everything moves. Stillness is an illusion.

I wonder. Is movement a cycle? Or is a movement a linear motion? I was reading Junji Ito's Uzumaki last month. Maybe movement is a spiral that consumes you. It would be funnier to move as we dance.

One thing is sure though. Humans move.

Moving is what makes us human.

Only the dead remain at rest.

No, not even the dead can stand still.

Thanks @lexc for proposing this idea of a weekly topic. Good one!