Mindful Pomodoro

Time flies. You make New Year's resolutions, and the next moment it's November. I'm not particularly mindful during the day. I didn't reach peak productivity either.

I thought a lot about how to become more mindful of my time over the last five years. I tried RescueTime for a month and it opened my eyes. I waste a lot of time browsing Youtube and social media websites - up to 2 hours a day, sometimes more.

Then I tried using a Pomodoro technique but I was not very consistent with it.

Last year I stumbled upon the concept of bell of mindfulness, used in the famous Plum Village near my hometown for the monks and pilgrims to practice mindfulness. The idea is to ring a bell every 15 minutes to remind us to breathe and to bring back our attention to the present moment.

I want to build a product that would combine Pomodoro and bell of mindfulness, while adding more productivity features similar to the ones we can find in RescueTime. I will call it Mindful Pomodoro (mindfulpomodoro.com), and it will be my ultimate time management tool.

I'm gonna release a MVP next week. At first, it'll only be a simple countdown playing a bell sound every 15 minutes, available as a browser extension. It'll be enough to get into the habit. Then, I'll add a server to display some analytics: number of cycles, total hours spent, etc.

Hopefully, this little app will help me reduce the time I spend procrastinating.