Memento Corona

The only thing I think worth mentioning about this whole pandemic thing: how quickly things change when we are faced with the reality of death.

I am not sure whether I should feel anger or hope.

In my home country, for example, it took less than a week to close all schools and universities.

Everybody tacitly agreed it was the thing to do, and the government took action.

When it comes to the climate emergency, however, we are still stuck in endless loops of bureaucracy and denial: single-use plastics ban will take effect in 2040, because "these things take time".

Coronavirus killed 5116 persons as of March 13, whereas the Australien wildfires killed one billion animals.

Cancers, heart attacks, and respiratory failures caused by air pollution kill millions of people every year.

A few articles are popping up: why don’t we treat the climate crisis with the same urgency?

I think we are witnessing a typical case of double standard. This is also proof that climate emergency is, above all, a political issue: if we were to solve it in one year, we probably could. Our current efforts are ridiculous, in comparison.

Oddly enough, the coronavirus was one of the best things that could happen to the planet: since transportation is still the number one source of CO2 emission, canceling flights and promoting remote work can only be beneficial. The new balance probably won't be as good as one could imagine though, since heating remains the second source of CO2 emission and energy consumption is expected to increase.

With the number of new phenomenons recently appearing on this planet, I feel pretty pessimistic about the future. I clearly wouldn't bet on having kids, as the situation will only worsen if we don't do anything drastic in the coming years.

We are witnessing a global memento mori. Time is running out and we must act now. As Seneca would say: it's not that life is short, but that we waste much of it.