Make Veggies, Not War

War is a recurring metaphor in entrepreneurship. It's not only a ridiculous idea, but also a dangerous school of thought.

Real entrepreneurship success is not about how much money you make, it's about how many lives you impact positively. It should be a creative force driven by collaboration, not a destructive one.

War is for losers. No party involved will ever get something good out of it. Picturing entrepreneurs as warriors is just plain dumb, encouraging it is madness: that's how you drive people to burn themselves out.

There is no war to win, no enemies to vanquish.

The war narrative is convenient to convey strong emotions, to lift the crowds by using their most primal instincts. It's an inspiring chord to strike appealing to those who lack self-esteem.

Anyone resorting to this cheap cliché fails to realize spartanizing is love for wisdom, not love for war.

I prefer picturing entrepreneurs as gardeners.

We grow products. We plant many seeds, not all become crops. It takes patience and discipline. One flower is no garden, diversity is the key to sustainability. There is an ecosystem to respect, disrupting without conscience is but the ruin of the Earth. A garden is nothing but an embellishment of Nature: you can guide it, not control it.