Maieutic Writing

I've been wondering why my life positively changed so much over the last year. Is it because I am lucky? Or is it fate? My personal theory is that I'm where I'm now because I've never stopped sharing about what I do and it eventually attracted the right people to me.

Coincidentally, throughout this whole time, I've always been writing. It started with tweets and daily task logs, and it went on with daily 200+ word posts. And today I'm convinced this is all thanks to writing.

How can writing be this powerful? It's just a few words on a blank screen.

The secret lies in the process itself: deliberate writing is akin to the maieutic method. Wanting to write every day is asking yourself a simple question: what do I want to write? Simple, yet powerful.

Ask yourself this question every day for a month and you'll quickly see it becomes a series of existential questions: why am I writing? What do I stand for? Who am I? What do I want to do with my life? Do I know anything worth sharing? Does anything matter?

That's when the snap occurs. The writer becomes the entrepreneur of his life. From words, a proactive mindset is born.

Writing daily is asking questions, preferably hard ones, with the aim to bring a person's latent ideas into clear consciousness - a Socratic method performed on yourself.

With this new realization, it appears clear to me that 200 Words a Day's vision is not to create Tolstoïs at scale, but to help everyone access a higher quality of life by developing a strong writing habit. Writing as a tool for self-realization. Or more broadly speaking, a tool for success, whatever it might mean to you.

Keep writing.