Low Tech

There is one space besides travel, writing, software, and entrepreneurship that particularly attracts me, and that is low tech.

The low tech space is not only about sustainability, but it's also about making things with others. And since I'm a maker at heart, I can't help but want to jump aboard the hype train.

Growing up, I wasn't allowed to mess around in my dad's garage, so I took my curiosity to the virtual world of computers. That's where my curiosity led me to make things by myself, like Photoshop montages or websites or online role-playing games.

Now that I'm an adult thirsty for independence, creation, and thoreauesque adventures, I feel like low tech is the logical continuation of my journey.

It's a bit paradoxical since I'm a pure product of the high tech industry, but I believe there is a balance to be found between the two.

I'm especially interested in researching the latest possibilities in low-tech housing and low-tech IT: The Open Book's open-source e-reader blew my mind, I'm currently living in an Airbnb designed after the Tiny House Movement, and all my websites are powered by renewable energy (and soon will be energy-efficient thanks to my new static/isomorphic hybrid architecture).

The possibilities are big. The stakes, even higher. I'm excited by all the business opportunities this movement offers.