Living On The Road, With A Bike

Is it possible to live a semi-nomadic life, just as simple and respectful of Nature as living in a cabin near Walden Pond, as a tech worker? This is a question I had in mind since I started digital nomading two years ago.

It's doable, in theory. I could take my bike and live on the road.

I can carry everything I currently have in saddle, handlebar, and frame bags. I know it's possible because I went on a bike tour for a week (400km) with just an everyday 30L backpack.

I would just need a camping hammock and two trees to sleep. Of course, I would have to leverage countries where wild camping is authorized.

The main issue would be to ensure I can work remotely.

Regarding electricity, there are specialized solar panels, power banks, and bike dynamos that could be used to ensure I never run out of power, but it would be difficult to carry. The easiest solution would remain to spend some days in coffee shops, restaurants, or airbnbing or couchsurfing.

Wifi is not an issue. I can use mobile data.

Regarding diet, I know it's not particularly difficult as long as you remain near the European cycle route network.

I think it could be a fun thing to try for one or two weeks this summer. Living like that for several months would require more organizational skills, but it's also possible thanks to the power of the Internet. Acquiring the right mental discipline is the hard part.