Living in the Future

It is commonly assumed great leaders and entrepreneurs live in the future.

They are expected to be some sort of oracle whose job is to guide mere mortals to a land of prosperity. Or at least, that's what the common startup hero narrative tells you.

I couldn't disagree more. The best entrepreneurs live in the present. The problems which matter are happening now, not in 10 years.

An entrepreneur's success doesn't primarily stem from his ability to think ahead, but to deeply observe what's happening now in the world. It's those observational skills that will lead to the right predictions, if such things exist.

Look at Elon Musk for example: he wants to live on Mars by 2050!

A common misconception would be to say: "What a visionary!". And it couldn't be further from the truth. Musk is not just imagining the future, Space X is his very own answer to a present problem: how can we become a sustainable species? You can agree with him or not, all I'm saying is you should focus on honing your own perception of reality as it is today and act in the present. In Elon's words: "reason by first principles".

Living in the future - living a deferred life - is the best way to miss the most important aspects of it.