Limiting beliefs in the tech economy

You don't need to know how to code to launch a tech product. You don't need a network to make an app. You don't need experience to start a business. You don't need much money to create your own venture.

Limiting beliefs don't discriminate.

Colleagues, school, friends, lovers, family... they come from anywhere.

But we are in an age of digital wild west. For every problem, there is an opportunity. A cyberspace where the brave will prevail. What you need is a thirst for truth, that which is in accordance with reality. People who strive best in today's economy are the ones doing hard things at the fastest rate. An ability to both learn fast and execute well.

Teachers are plenty, both proteiform and substantial. Experiences are a currency. Online communities are the new universities. Personal branding is the new resume.

Digitalization has pros and cons, yet it stays a tool whose sole purpose is to amplify mankind's deepest needs and desires. Nietzsche predicted "the slow emergence of an essentially supra-national and nomadic type of man, who, physiologically speaking, possesses as his characteristic mark a maximum of the art and power of adaptation". Digitalization makes reality negotiable. Once you internalize that, you can start breaking your limiting beliefs.