Life and Movement

We've been given a life, so we might as well do something interesting with it instead of giving it away.

Sitting around all day without letting your mind roam freely is a fate no different than eternal darkness, so one could say that death is the absence of movement: a wise person will always make sure to keep walking through life, even if it means encountering countless hardships.

It is also worth noting that all lives lead to the same destination, so the end of the line will never matter as much as the journey: the quality of one's life amounts to the roads he walked. The more we expose ourselves to different walks of life—through people, ideas, or experiences—the more capable we become at navigating reality.

Your roots do not matter, for humans shouldn't live like plants. What matters is that we have two legs and two feet, so we might as well use them to keep progressing.

An authentic life is not a set of directions either, for directions shift your focus toward destinations. It's easier to surrender ourselves to the precepts set by others, but it's missing the transcendent thrill of getting lost and finding your own way. Entropy is an essential part of life we have to be comfortable with.