Launch Feelings

When you create, it is your duty to put it out there for the world to see.

Painters, movie makers, programmers, writers, sculptors... all creators have to go through a launch day at some point. I want to describe how it feels with my own words.

It's a bag of mixed feelings. Light comes with darkness.

A launch takes an extended period of time to prepare. During this phase you build up apprehension: will my readers/spectators/users like it? It's both exciting and frightening.

Launching is like giving birth. You wonder if your baby is going to be ok. You wonder what the future holds for him or her out there. But the baby MUST come out. It's the only way for life to flourish. Sustainable growth is the only way forward.

Similarly, you will never be ready for launch. It will still hurt, no matter how much you prepare yourself. Set aside your inner perfectionist and buckle up, it's time to launch.

On an opening day, your excitement is balanced with fear. Just acknowledge the road traveled so far. Do not expect much. You did it for you. For a vision, you believe in.

Then come the haters. You will have to face them. Listen to them. Don't shut yourself down. It's hard not to take things personally. Strive to process things objectively, with charm. Sometimes it feels overwhelming. In these moments I just lie down, relax, maybe take a nap, eat a snack and drink a cup of coffee. Works every time. Haters are a good thing. They show you ways to improve. The world would be boring without them, so learn to love them.

Then come the lovers. They give you life. They remind you of your purpose. Thank them. Find ways to give some of their love back.

Then come the copycats. All artist steal. All creative processes originate from a theft. Keep your eyes on the road ahead and don't mind them. Believe in yourself and in what you can offer.

Lastly, don't focus too much on launches. Launches come and go. It won't matter in a few months time. Always keep your eyes on the road, and be glad you can drive.