Last Day in Penang :(

I've been living in Penang for 70 days now.

I just started feeling like a local. I had my regular coffee shop. I had my regular bar. I made friends and had lovers. I just started feeling at home at Griffin's capsule hotel Page 63.

I will miss the muezzin singing and the waiter screaming.

The colorful walls. The colorful sun. The ghost houses. The sidewalk arches.

I'm going to miss walking throughout Little India. The shadows of the Prangin mall and the Komtar Tower. The peacefulness of the Guanyin temple.

The many cultures, the many faces. The Street of Harmony. Georgetown is the city of harmony at times.

A City of Arts, where creators from all around the world gather and interact. Penang is the city where 200 Words a Day is born, late November 2018.

Thank you @wernminlim for the meetups. Props to my old friend Justin for showing me around.

I always have this weird feeling when I'm leaving a place. Like I'm leaving a part of me I will never find again. My heart balances between nostalgia and excitement of the unknown.

Today is my last day. For now.

Off to Kuala Lumpur to enjoy Malaysia until my visa expires.