Just Crossed 200,000 Public Words

If you were to google how many words there are in a book for it to be considered a novel, you'll find at least 40,000 words.

With 200,000 words worth of public posts under my belt, I virtually wrote the equivalent of 5 novels in a bit more than a year, with an average of 400 words published every day.

The problem is that nobody in his right mind will have the patience to go through all this content, even if I'm classifying each post with tags and collections. It's a good problem to have, in my opinion, and it happens I already have some solutions resting in the back of my mind.

The first step is to analyze all this content, and for that, an analytics page within The Co-Writers would help a ton. The content analysis feature itself will be released as part of the Patron plan, but I'm also working on adding free metrics (time distribution, category counts). The analysis would be based on three dimensions: categories, collections, and topic extraction using natural language processing algorithms. From there, it would be possible to map all the posts between them to extract main topics and related sub-topics.

Once I know what I mainly write about, I can curate, edit, structure, and augment my content to publish it as standalone ebooks. This is where my new platform Bouquin would allow me to create new income sources as a writer: I would be able to keep my ebooks relevant, create an audience, and generate long-term value for my readers.

If I were to price one ebook at $10 with free updates for life, I would need to sell 1000 copies to cover my expenses for a year. A bundle of 5 ebooks for $40 would require 250 customers per year to be profitable.

That's how I would do the maths if I was talking about regular ebooks, but since progressive web apps are much more feature-rich than ebooks, I don't think it would be crazy to ask for $50 per lifetime license. In other words, it would be profitable with just 200 people buying one augmented ebook.

I'm convinced that as long as I keep living, there is always something I can write about. I just have to make it interesting, and I'm sure there is a way to make anything interesting with the right skills. Keeping on writing is not a problem, but I need better ways to create wealth.