Journeyman - Part 2: Itinerary

I'm going on a bike tour this summer while working remotely. I already wrote about my motives yesterday, and I'll talk about my itinerary in this post.

The initial idea is to move like a nomad: slowly, carrying all my possessions, and respectful of Nature. Biking doesn't pollute and allows me to carry all I need to survive.

I want to live as close to nature as possible, so I'll be wild camping at least 75% of the nights. I'm neither an experienced camper nor cyclist, so I decided to take it easy and choose Scandinavia.

Scandinavia is flat, so I won't exhaust myself too much. It'll also be during the part of the year where nights are incredibly short (6 hours in Stockholm in July) to give me more flexibility to work from the road.

Last but not least, wild camping is legal and trees to use a hammock are plenty.

I'll stick to the European cycle route network, also known as EuroVelo 10 or the Baltic Sea Cycle Route.

I'll start from Malmö, go along the Southern coast and move up North to Stockholm. This is the first part of the trip, 848 km that I'd like to cover in 17 days. That's 50km per day on average, so about 2 hours with my racing bike. That leaves me plenty of time to find coffee shops to work from in the morning and set camp during the evening.

From Stockholm, I'll bike another 100 km to board a ferry to the Åland Islands. There, I'll take another ferry to arrive in Turku, Finland. This second part only takes three days (126km) to complete.

The last part consists of reaching Helsinki, which is 205 km (4 days) from Turku.

From there, I'll be able to board another boat to Tallin, mess around a little in Estonia, and come back west by bus.

I already draw the itinerary on Google Maps. In theory, the trip only takes 24 days to complete at a reasonable pace, or 1179km covered by bike at an average speed of 50 km per day.

I think it's too short, so I'll probably be butterflying in some cities from time to time. I lived in Stockholm for a year and I really miss it. Or maybe I'll just spend more time biking around the beautiful Åland Islands.

An additional part could be added in Estonia, since it's also one of the rare countries authorizing wild camping.

I could start in May, but I think it would be better to wait until June for the weather to get warmer.

In Part 3, I'll be talking about my camping/biking/nomading gear. Part 4 will probably be about my daily routine and how I'll leverage my lifestyle to get writings and code done.