It Was a Great 2019

2019 has been a pivotal year for me. I started making my first product in September 2017 and it became my first registered business six months later. 2018 passed by, I made half a dozen products without making a cent and living off my savings. Then I built 200WaD in November 2018 and everything went uphill from there. I'm very proud of three things this year.

First, I've made my first monthly-recurring revenue as an indie maker. It gave me the strength to believe in myself and keep grinding.

I can't live from making products yet, but I've also made my first revenue as a freelancer. This was a huge step toward my own financial sustainability as a one-man business. I can work a few hours a week on the side to raise funds for my projects without endangering them.

More importantly, 800 persons were part of the community for at least a day, and I've helped more than a hundred people write a month's worth of posts. If I wake up every day feeling excited, it's thanks to the people I get to serve. Being part of someone else's life--even if it's just through a web interface--is fulfilling.

2020 is around the corner and I've managed to keep a low burn rate throughout this whole time. I've been averaging $800 a month since I became a full-time maker in March 2018. I still have savings to keep me going, but now I have developed more income sources I'm not afraid of running out of cash. I just have to focus on improving my products, innovating, and being a better person.

Thanks to everyone who has been part of my year, you made it incredible. As always, take care.