I took a break from developing 200WaD last week to build something new. It's a small Software-as-a-Service called Testimonials Wall.

Inspiration hit me last week when I saw several people reaching out to help me become ramen profitable. I have something like 10 months of runway left before having to take on paid work, so I asked my network about the best resources I could find on selling my skills as a freelancer.

Some people answered me with useful resources, some others went a bit further and proposed me their help to grow my already-existing products. Overwhelmed by this wave of good vibes, it gave me an idea: what if there was a useful piece of software to send some love to cool people, products, and services.

In Linkedin, you have this Review section where you can testify of the work of a colleague. I wanted to generalize this idea to brands.

The inspiration was so strong I couldn't sleep. That's when I decided to launch a product allowing people and organizations to gather, manage, and display testimonials (also known as "Wall of Love") in a website in minutes.

A Wall of Love is great at two things: sharing positivity, and social proofing.

Testimonials are no harsh rated reviews. It's just some love sent with words. When you're feeling low or when your business is not going well, you just read the messages to get some energy. There are people believing in what you're doing. It's easy to overlook the positive aspects to focus on the negative ones, but it's not always the way to growth.

When you give people a space to express their love to your brand, they will eventually bring more curious eyes with them. The social aspect of marketing your product/service is key. The better the social proof, the bigger your conversion rate. People are more likely to choose you if there are previous customers to approve your services.

If you are building your own brand, it's obvious you need to share the testimonials you are receiving. Give it a try and let me know how I can improve it ;)

The website: Testimonials Wall