Introducing (my) Attic

As I explained in a previous post, I want to automate some programming work. Developing one digital product is already hard enough, but I can't help the need to have by-products.

If I want to be a better writer, I need The Co-Writers. I have to push my limits, so I also need to write substantial work in the form of books. I need to write books, so I developed Bouquin.

I need a bigger toolbox to make more features, at a faster pace, while freeing time to write. This is why I'm building Attic, an open-source full-stack code generator for my Symfony/PHP projects.

An app is a set of smaller apps linked together. Those smaller apps are often the same from one digital product to another. The idea of Attic is to propose a battery of services to quickly generate custom functional code that I can use in different projects: Oauth authentication system with JWT, API endpoints, database entities, service layers, CRUD React components, etc.

For now, Attic is a Symfony service that can generate PHP code for entities, services, and API endpoints from a YAML recipe file. Today, I'm adding CRUD React component creation.

It's open-source, so feel free to have a look, and maybe help me create new features for The Co-Writers using YAML recipes!

My goals for the development of The Co-Writers over the next few weeks is to migrate to a new offline-first architecture and improve the way it handles SEO. I've seen the potential of progressive web app principles with Bouquin, and I want to apply them to TCW as soon as possible to improve the core User Experience before adding new features.