Introducing Bouquin

Three months ago, I realized the way we write and read ebooks lags behind what we can do with tech nowadays.

Generating ebooks from graphical text editors is cumbersome. Managing large bibliographies, figures, and tables of content is painful. Latex sucks. Command line interfaces suck. I can't afford book writing software and I certainly don't need all the features they propose. I just want to spend all my time writing and be able to sell my ebooks in one click, because when I'm in writer mode, I don't want to deal with code.

When I'm a reader, on the other hand, I read twice. Once on my Kindle, and once on my laptop to take notes and work with them. Contemplative state, then active state. That's how I enjoy reading, and how I manage to make the best of what I read. But let's be honest: PDF, epubs, paperback, Mobi... they are all terrible formats to natively work with. I want books I can read and listen to anywhere, whether I'm on my mobile phone or my laptop. I want to take notes without the hassle of downloading additional software, but I want to be able to transfer them quickly where it matters. I want to consume the essence of all the books I read, and fast.

For all these reasons, I came up with a new digital product designed for authors: Bouquin.

Bouquin turns your ebooks into websites, in seconds, and without code needed.

But not any kind of website: full-blown static-generated progressive web applications.

Progressive web app means you can browse the books offline, install them as mobile and desktop apps, with their own domain names and optimized for search engines.

Static-generated means they all load fast and scale without problem to thousands of readers.

Bouquin handles everything for you: its engine generates websites in seconds, everything is hosted on Bouquin's own servers, and you also have access to a custom Content Management System allowing you to modify your book in real-time.

When you want to self-publish a book, Bouquin integrates Stripe's Connect, allowing you to receive payments straight to your Stripe account in no time. Your customers can visit your book with a link, and its content will be hidden until they pay for it. They will be able to see just enough to get convinced to buy from you: the chapter titles, the first few words of each chapter, a description of your book, and a description of you, the author.

Once a book is bought, it remains accessible through its web link. No need to download anything, you just visit the link once and everything will be uploaded to your browser's cache for later use. Are you using Chrome or reading with your phone? You can add any book to your home screen and open it anytime.

Each part of your table of content is hosted on its own web page, which means search engines can index them to make it easier for your book to appear in search results: free built-in marketing for all.

The best part? Bouquin takes 0% from your sales (Stripe's 2.9% + 30 cents fee still applies) and our pricing plans start at only $9 per month: all-in-one cutting-edge tech at an affordable price.

Still not convinced? Try a demo: Pride & Prejudice, by Jane Austen.

Are you an author and you want to turn your book? Contact me or get on the beta access list and I'll perform the ebook migration myself. Wanna write a book? Join The Co-Writers (patrons with a streak > 30 got a free web book to publish with Bouquin).

What's up next for Bouquin:

  1. Finish the writing dashboard and official launch.
  2. Create a stellar writing experience: Markdown/WYSIWYG hybrid text editor, automated bibliography management with textual variables
  3. Create a full-blown marketplace for self-published authors.
  4. Add note-taking, sharing, automated EPUB/PDF/MOBI generation for e-readers, and automated text-to-speech features
  5. Add book community features
  6. Use Bouquin's engine to generate blogs as progressive web apps
  7. ? (with websites, everything is possible: I'm open to suggestions! :)) )

Thank you for reading, and have a great day!