Inner Calling

In his book Mastery, Robert Greene talks extensively about the need to reconnect with your inner calling to reach mastery. His message is not to find a "passion" but to reconnect with what we were naturally intrigued by as children. A visceral desire that will fuel and guide our life's work.

Is there such thing as an inner calling? The author pinpoints aspects of the lives of famous masters to illustrate his claims. For example, Einstein was fascinated with a compass, the invisible force known as magnetism probably triggering his future interest for physics. As Freud says, "the child is the father of the man": our childhood impacts our adulthood to a great extent.

A typical childhood memory of mine would be me staying in the family camper van with my brother to play video games, read mangas, and write down stories while my parents would visit Iberian towns.

Writing and traveling are the two most prominent parts of my "inner calling".

Writing down stories would lead me to subscribe to online forum-based role-play games. Then I would start programming because I wanted to make my own RPG website. Programming always felt like writing to me, except your words are materialized under your eyes by a computer, like magic, out of nowhere. It still fascinates me, I'm never tired of coding.

After reading Mastery, I unconsciously reconnected with this inner calling of mine by becoming a nomad tech entrepreneur. Then I started 200 Words a Day and it somehow all came full circle.

It was my instinct, but I don't think my story is unique. One of my childhood friend used to want to be a professional gymnast. He competed at a high level, won some prestigious prizes from what I understood. Then he wanted to become a kinesiotherapist, probably because he didn't think he could become a top gymnast. Assisting athletes was a way to balance his interests and his talent. After much hardships, he ended up becoming a brilliant nutritionist in one of the best educational program France has to offer. He could have given up on his inner calling, but he decided to push through and find a way.

And you, what do you think is your inner calling?