Important Changes to 200WaD in 2020

Some important changes are coming to 200 Words a Day to make 2020 a great writing year.

First, I've spent the last three weeks working on a new writing product. It will be a great addition to our community. The MVP is 80% done and will be released in about two weeks. Patrons with more than 30 posts will receive a special gift from me for the occasion. Consider it a late Christmas present.

Second, I'm dropping the 200 words limit. Yes, you read this right.

I came to the realization that 200 words are still too much for most people to get started or keep the streak alive. I think that lowering the psychological barrier will encourage more members to develop confidence, dare to explore new ideas, and increase the quality of the posts.

Consequently, 200 Words a Day will be rebranded. The values and principles remain the same. Your posts will remain intact. I count on everyone to send me their thoughts regarding the new visual identity of the community (name + logo), on Slack (invite link), Telegram, or via email ( I'll also organize online office hours to discuss with anyone interested (more on than later).

I'm aware I took this huge decision alone, but this is my responsibility as the founder to know what's good for everyone involved. Creating a better brand has been suggested by a few members (cc @brianball), and I think this is a crucial step to take. We need to grow, both as writers and as a community, and I believe those changes will tremendously help.

Those changes will come into effect on January the 20th. That leaves us 20 days to think about what we want from this little part of the Internet. The discussion is open.

In the meantime, I wish you all a Happy New Year and a great time with your loved ones. You all deserve it. I'm incredibly happy to have been part of your 2019, and I hope I'll get to add more value to your life in 2020.

Thanks to the most prolific writers here to inspire me and keep me going: @jasonleow @zyumbik @monolesan @valentino @brianball @keenencharles @berkan @brandonwilson @thepageman @santhoshguru @seunoyebode @knight @timsubiaco @sarasilva @Arcticloon @abrahamKim @davidnge @chika46 @keni @Rawhead @davidneuman @dontheideaguy @hiro @philh @lucjah @juliasaxena @haraldroine @itsabhinaya @rasmusrygh @danielmiller @efran @chrisdeuda @gabrielgreco @hum @rosieodsey @haideralmosawi @chacha @5plus6 @craigpetterson @clement @jacklyons @phaidenbauer @Dandelion @piglet @carlosbeas @jootomscastroemelo @joncarllewis @cch3n

Take care everyone,