Greeks believed men and women were originally not two but one single entity called Androgynous. Androgynous threatened the gods, so Zeus divided them to better conquer them. Soul mates are but two parts of the same Androgynous soul, and this is why humans seek their better half since the dawn of time.

We seek wholeness. One could say, we strive for perfection.

Everybody knows that nobody is perfect, meaning, humankind will always hope for a better tomorrow and perfection is a never-ending quest. However, what matters in the quest for perfection is the journey, not the destination.

People who seek perfection turns to practices of gradual self-improvement.

Self-improvement is a misleading term. In fact, self-improvement is not about being more, it's about knowing yourself. Know thyself is old Greek wisdom.

You improve yourself through self-knowledge because it enables self-control.

Once you manage to discipline your thoughts and emotions, you can act more freely toward your goals.

Thus, perfection is not about eliminating imperfections. It is about understanding and accepting them so that they can be turned into strengths.

The quest for perfection is an attempt at minimizing the chaos of life, which is bound to fail, though it can still improve significantly the quality of said life.

Mastery is my goal, and it's perfectly human.