Ideation, inspiration

Ideation is the creative process leading to new ideas. Inspiration is a myth.

You are not born inspired. You become inspired. Inspiration is indeed an unconscious phenomenon, but it also is a long process taking years of your time. What is not apparent now might be later: inspiration comes from facing multiple experiences repeatedly.

I want to share with you my ideation methodology.

It starts with introspection and retrospection. Looking inwards and looking back. Doing both is a habit everyone must take on. Letting your inner voice speak out, you mind starts getting clearer. Only then it can wander.

Learning to generate ideas by cheer brute-force is the second step. It is a habit to take as well. For that, I advise the 10 idea a day methodology proposed by James Altucher: pick a topic, and write down 10 ideas for it, along with a few execution steps. You don't have to do it everyday, but you have to do it as regularly as possible. Once a month is the bare minimum.

Like every routine, the more you do it, the easier it gets.

As I wrote before, what is not apparent now might be later: it is mandatory to store your ideas and review them once in a while. Facing new experiences every day, thoughts evolve.

And this is what we call inspiration.