I Wrote 50 Posts: What's Next

Yesterday I wrote my 50th post for my 200 Words a Day challenge. My 32nd on this website.

This is a total of 18953 words. 76 ebook pages.

I feel great. Not only because it feels great to fight and win over my inner creative resistance every single day, but also because I can witness I'm getting closer to my personal goal: reach mastery.

Mastery in my craft of making tech products is about creating a masterpiece: a product I believe in, from which I can make a living, and that solves a real problem.

Writing allowed me to do just that: identify an important problem, think of a solution, connect with people, and allow them to contribute to the sustainability of a new-found business. It is a virtuous cycle: the more I can solve an important problem and reach a wider audience - and thus the more I can help people -, the more I can live off this activity.

Mastery is also about subject-matter expertise, and blogging enables people to assert their knowledge on paper.

My graduation ceremony takes place in Lyon next year, on March the 15th.

By then I want to release my first book, written in public on this website. I am still thinking about the outline. What I know however is that I will take all my writings and use the main ideas as material for the actual book. It won't simply be a collection of blog posts.

I will also keep on improving 200 Words a Day together with the community. Grow it. Add new features. Maybe find people to work with me. I don't know yet. 2019 is going to be exciting.