I want to work remotely from a monastery but I can't

Today I decided to give @brianball 's formula a try and state a wish in front of a group of people to hopefully attract the right person to help me with it. Here is my statement, and one of my goal for 2019:

I want to work remotely from a monastery, but I can't because I don't know how to present it to the institution.

This idea emerged in my mind after encountering two travelers in Penang who performed a meditation retreat in Thaïland.

Mindfulness is important for many endeavors. I believe building a company to be one of them. Growing a company is tough. It's easy to get caught in the past or in the future without being in the now. It's also incredibly stressful.

Monks stay in monasteries, not to run away from the world around them, but to better reflect on the nature of things. What if we viewed entrepreneurship as a form of monastic practice? What could I learn from this experience? I'm agnostic, but this idea fascinates me. I want to learn how such monks live and join them for a time. If a fulfilled life is about living many, this might be one I want to experience first-hand. A modern version of Alexandra David-Néel perhaps?

@jasonleow proposed me to visit the Plum Village, a Buddhist mindfulness practice center not far from my hometown back in France. I don't see what I can bring them in exchange for some free time to work on my personal project.

I thought about writing a book on the experience. It doesn't seem they need any help with marketing either.

I guess I will just go there and figure things out with them directly. Anyone who went through a similar experience in a retreat?