I Suck at Writing, and That's Okay

I check all the boxes when it comes to possible excuses not to write.

1) I am French.

2) I started learning English when I was 16.

3) I make grammar and syntax mistakes in every text.

4) I have a highly demanding job. My life is basically about thinking about my business 12 hours a day for most days, sleep, and eat.

5) I never managed to get into a habit that lasted for more than a week.

Still, here I am, on a two-month writing streak (46 days on this website + 18 days from before).

What changed?

I found out why I need to write after hours spent on thinking about it.

First of all, I always loved writing, whether it is in French or in English. Words are magical. They last forever, a legacy anyone can leave. They help me connect with my loved ones. I don't need to write for a global audience when I can write to my friends or to my family.

Heck, I don't even need to write for anyone. Writing shapes my thoughts, and vice versa. I need to write to solve my own problems. I need to write to realize the road covered so far. I need to write because I'm a human being and writing is tied to the history of the human race. We've been writing for five thousand years now. Writing is my essence.

What more, we are social animals. I started sharing my thoughts online a lot more when I created my first company with two friends one year ago. When you are growing a company it is important to communicate well, and even more important to communicate a lot, because you have to brand yourself, meaning, to explain what is valuable in what you offer. It is true for building a company as it is for any job. Unemployment is increasing because workers are becoming a commodity. A worker who knows how to explain what makes her unique has a higher chance to be favored, by law of scarcity. Writing is thus vital to any venture as it is the most common form of business communication.

Once you find a Why you believe in whole-heartedly with, nothing can stop you.

This is the reason why, even if my writing is bad, I believe I can only improve. All I need is to put in the work and improve a bit every day without excuse. Those little efforts will eventually compound. I suck at writing, and that's okay. The only way is upward.