I Found a Book Title

Whenever I'm creating something, I tend to find a title for it first.

If I don't have a title, I don't have a vision, and I tend to get chaotic.

It's fascinating to see how names and titles are self-limiting. This is what makes them powerful: they ground you.

It's been almost a month now since I announced my plan to write my first book in public on 200WaD. I have been writing non-stop since then. I outlined the topics I wanted to cover, but I have been struggling to find a book title that encompasses them. Until a few days ago.

I want this book to describe how it is to live as a nomad entrepreneur, a tech founder not tied to any location. I want to make it relatable, so I believe it's important to make it an autobiography, a story of how I came to be who I am. My thought process. What I stand for. What problems I am facing and trying to solve in my daily life. For short, what I'm made of.

I describe myself as a nomad maker. I'm passionate about making stuff that passionates me while traveling. Whether it's developing a tech product or writing a post here, I'm all about active forms of creation, as in, creating for the benefit of myself, and hopefully others (but you can never totally predict this).

So this book would be about documenting my process to become a maker, from childhood to two-time startup founder, while providing some actionable insights and teachings I received throughout the years.

I decided to go with "Making a Maker" to relate to this birth process.

It's a cyclic title because making is a cyclic process. A maker makes, and you are not born a maker, you become one. I like The Waterer Watered. It is one of the first movie ever made, and it describes the cyclic aspect of life perfectly.

Making a Maker. How I became a nomad entrepreneur.

I found my title. I feel more at peace already.