I am writing a book in public

What is a 100 pages book? 25,000 words.

If you write 200 words every day, it will take you 125 days to have enough content.

Of course I am not taking into account editing, reviewing, and actually publishing the piece. Instead, I want you to picture this simple idea: it is realistic to publish an actual book in 3 months.

39 days ago I started my 200 Words a Day challenge. I wrote 13,673 words so far, with 359 words written per day in average. This is enough material to write a 50 pages ebook.

Many things happened over the last 39 days. I launched 200wordsaday.com to gather writers from all around the world to develop a writing habit and improve together. I am focused on growing this baby, interacting with the community, and overall, on managing this website. This is a full-time job, but it did not prevent me from writing at least 200 words daily for over a month now. What more, pushing myself to write everyday in public made me realize that it is actually possible to write a whole book in public, even if you just do it 200 words at a time. The readers have your back. My english is not great, I can however rely on genuine people from all around the Internet to help me.

Today, I decided to self-publish a book in 3 months' time.

I am going to keep on writing all of my drafts every day in public. In the meantime I will develop new tools to allow anyone on this platform to recycle and edit their posts into actual ebooks, and self-publish them for a living. No code needed, the whole publishing process will be eased by the website.

I want 200 Words a Day to prove that it is not only possible for anyone to be a writer, but also to become an author.

You can follow my journey here or on Twitter.

See you tomorrow,