Humanized Tech

I see a lot of former engineering students moving away from more technical positions to work as managers or consultants. The same thing happens in the software industry.

The pay is nice. You don't have to work outside in the rain and the cold. There is free coffee in the open space, and even snacks sometimes. The environment is always changing, but there is no lack of professional opportunities.

It can be an ungrateful job though. A complex feature requires skills similar to that of a painter, but you don't get to put your name on it. I don't think I'm being overly dramatic if I say there is a lack of recognition for what software developers do.

We do it because we love the thrill of solving problems, not because we want fame. And yet, I can't help but feel like developers tend to be dehumanized.

Developers carve stones to erect cathedrals, but we only remember the patrons and architects of the world. Software engineers have yet to shift from stone-carving to sculpting, from laborers to artisans, or even artists.

I wish for the new wave of makers, indie hackers, and no-code creators to bring a new life to the industry, a sort of tech humanism where developers and users come together at the center.

We don't need more bullshit jobs. We shouldn't be afraid of staying in more technical positions and getting our hands dirty. We need more people to become proactive, to start making things together and get recognition for it, independently of who we are, where we are, or where we come from. Go out there!