How to Create the Next Tolstoï at Scale

I just wanted to write 200 words a day. I built this website for fun during a hackathon, and it grew beyond my modest expectations. I would have never imagined a thousand people would visit this website on a daily basis, to write or to read.

The more time I spend growing it, the more ambition I develop for this community. It has become something bigger than me. I can't just do it for myself anymore, I have expectations to fulfill, and I am (still) willing to spend the next 10 years of my life cultivating this website.

How to get more people to write and blossom? There is plenty of blog engines, platforms, writing groups, online courses, and communication channels to get started, but few people act. It's a huge mistake. Writing is probably the most underrated metaskill in the whole history of humankind: it's still the most common form of business communication, and yet, you don't see many people writing blogs. Worse, most blogs fail because of a lack of commitment.

200 Words a Day's mission is to help foster self-sustained original writers at scale.

At scale because even though there is no shortage of good writers, tools and infrastructures to help them are insufficient or unreachable for most. Writing groups are either closed or expensive, which is why 200WaD is the only free open online writing group accessible to everyone.

In a sustainable fashion because writers need to be empowered on the long-term. It's unfortunate to see how writers are not fairly rewarded for their work. 200WaD's objective is to help writers grow their own audience and make a living out of their craft.

You don’t have to be a published author to be a writer. Writing and story telling have been around since the dawn of the time, and no matter how much technology or the world change, we all have a story to tell. In order for this new generation of writers to emerge, 200WaD believes in an healthy balance between individuality and community.

Writers are artisans - wordsmiths. Mastery is the result of long sustained practice. All successful writers behave the same: they sit down and write, as frequently as possible. Mastery is a habit, and this is a tech product to help developing a writing habit by celebrating our craft. We recognize each other individually and our own efforts. You are not a 200WaD writer, you are you.

We are also a community. We improve together. We are real people, representative of the market you will eventually have to face as a writer. We can be your audience, and you will always find support to help you with your daily practice if you ask for it and put in the work.

For all these reasons, I believe this community has a bright future.