How artisans do marketing

Craftsmanship is old. Artisans are tied to their craft.

When a craftsman reach mastery, he can own a business. How do craftsmen market themselves? They use their craft.

Indeed, ancient artisans never resorted to facebook or google ads. Instead, their knowledge and experience were their best marketing tools.

Word-of-mouth is the oldest marketing strategy.

If your product is great, and you get some people to buy it and be happy about it, chances are, your customers will become your greatest advocates.

On the contrary, a bad product, or a bad customer, might end up ruining your chances.

As Ben Horowitz says, you have to take care of your people, your product and your profits. In that order.

Similarly, a great master craftsman will take care of his customers, his journeymen and his apprentices first. A journeyman who enjoyed working under the guidance of his master is more likely to advise his fellow journeymen and apprentices to follow his master's footsteps.

A sexy company is a brand with a soft marketing power.

A great product is then usually the side-effect of a great team.

This is why you can learn so much from observing how the craftsmanship system work: its old wisdom is timeless.