Helping fight climate change with my work

I still have much progress to make, but I've been improving my carbon footprint a lot in the last two years: I use less transportation (no car, no commute, and cutting my air travels by at least 50% in 2020), live from a backpack, cut on meat and alcohol, and wear warmer clothes to reduce my energy consumption. The next step would be to move toward a zero-waste lifestyle.

I've also started decarbonizing my online activities by switching to a green web hosting provider two years ago, decluttering my online presence, and adapting my tech stack to be more environmental-friendly.

I learned a lot in the process, so I decided to launch a website focusing on the green tech niche called, once I finish Bouquin's MVP.

I want to set it up as a minimalistic blog detailing technical solutions to reduce the Internet's carbon footprint, starting with web development. I would talk about things like low-tech web servers, static websites, JAMStack development, and progressive web apps.

As I already wrote, switching to green IT would eliminate millions of tons of CO2. All it takes is for web agencies and developers to understand the economic benefits such change would bring, and I intend it to prove that with facts and concrete business case studies by adding green web development services to my tech content marketing business Writelier.

March is going to be a power month. I'm moving to a youth hostel in a 12-bed dorm and bought a 24/7 coworking space membership to close all escape routes. It's not going to be easy, but I think I'll need that to truly enjoy the following months biking in France and Scandinavia.