Hard Coding

I spent the whole day working on a new feature and failed to deliver. It's one of those days where I bump into too many bugs to count. I'm frustrated. I have nothing to show for my efforts.

It happens. Sometimes, the problem is too hard to solve in a single day.

The key is to have a good night of sleep and let the solution come to you.

When you focus really hard on a single problem for several hours, your brain becomes as rigid as a stone. It becomes difficult to think. I feel grumpy. I'm full of doubts and I'm questioning myself. It's like swimming in mud, and I don't enjoy it.

I might feel bad, but deep down I know serendipity will knock at my door soon enough. It's a matter of hours. While I sleep. While I try to fall asleep. Maybe tomorrow, or perhaps the day after. Because in the end, if I give it enough time, there is no technical problem I cannot break.

The hardest problems are also the most satisfying to break. It's hard to describe the feeling of accomplishment. It starts with a sigh of relief and ends with a celebration dance. The joy is hard to contain. The energy has to be released. You can refill your cup and have a snack, you earned it. If it's late, you earned the right to bring the prey back home and enjoy the fruits of the hunt with your loved ones.

We live for those moments. We live to solve problems and do hard things. It's the closest thing we have to transcendence.