Hanoï Daily Routine

Three days in Hanoï and I already settled in a work routine.

My parents and I wake up at 7. We go in the street to eat a bowl of phở, about $1 each. I come back to the apartment to work while they spend the morning visiting. Around 1 PM we eat lunch together in another street food stall. My father speaks Vietnamese so it's much easier to try out a lot of different meals. The heat gets unbearable after lunch so we head back to the apartment to have a siesta. I finish my nap and get back to work till the evening. We have dinner at another place - we will soon get to know the whole neighborhood this way. Then we just chill till bed time, around 1 AM.

Our sleep schedule is split in two to make the most of the day. The plan is to gradually wake up earlier (5AM) when the jet-lag wears out.

Digital nomading with your family is doable as long as you develop the right discipline. It doesn't leave much time for me to visit the city, but I schedule activities during the week-end. It's a nice trade-off.

Regarding the location we are in, it's incredibly nice. The apartment is quite big when you compare it to a regular Vietnamese apartment. The neighborhood is located in central Hanoï, yet it still feels authentic. There are tourists passing by, but not many compared to Saigon's center. Street businesses are still prevalent, and the local life seems intact.