I had many different hairstyles over the years: hockey cut, bowl cut, ponytail, spiky hair, man bun, undercut... I just need to shave my head completely at some point and I'll have experienced every hair lengths.

I currently have a regular undercut. It's so popular these days it allows me to stay incognito everywhere I go.

Short hair are easier to wash, but more expensive to take care of. I have to visit the barber every month or so, and I need wax to keep my hair in check. I have very thick Asian hair, which is kind of a pain in the ass when I get out of bed.

I miss having long hair. I liked playing with buns (not the undercut version). Washing and drying long hair is annoying, not to mention the hair I leave everywhere.

But it's incredibly low maintenance and the minimalist in me loves that. No need for hair product (wax for my thick head) or monthly barber visit, just a comb and a weekly shampoo.

Having long hair would save me at least $50 a month. I could do a lot with an additional $600 a year. One month in an Airbnb in South-East Asia for example.

When Samson loses his hair, he loses his strength as well. But in Buddhism hair represent material attachment. It's true that having no hair is even cheaper than just letting them grow.

Anyways, it'll take me at least nine months from now on to have my hair long enough to pull off a man bun. I hate having mid long hair but it's a necessary part of the process, I'll just have to be patient.