Green Web

I've been thinking a lot about the possibilities offered by the new web technologies—JAMStack, service workers, etc.— that appeared over the last five years, and I see a huge opportunity in applying those technologies to surf the Green IT movement.

More specifically, I can picture a new wave of digital agencies or products focusing on greener web technologies.

Developing more sustainable web applications is not only an ethical argument, but it's also a huge economic opportunity to create faster and richer websites that scale while costing much less time and money.

Wordpress powers 35% of the web and the internet produces as much CO2 as the global aviation industry, about 800+ million tons of CO2 per year. Since web technologies remain crucial in the fight against climate change (remote work, instant communication, education, etc.), I don't think the usage is going to decrease any time soon.

Switching to green IT could literally eliminate millions of tons of CO2. One million tons of CO2 is about one billion pounds of coal burned, so even though this is not much, it's still significant.

Now, I'm not the first to see an opportunity—Green IT is not a new thing—but I'm incredibly disappointed by how little innovation I can find from a single Google search.

I only found a single interesting resource so far: "What is Sustainable Web Design?", a manifesto written by Tim Frick, author of O'Reilly's Designing for Sustainability and CEO of the green web agency Mightybytes. Nothing else. But even then, I can only dwell on the fact there is a lot of wasted potential: no mention of static-generated websites, no progressive web apps, and no research regarding low-tech alternatives.

Not sure where the rabbit hole will take me but I'll let you know.