Going With The Flow

Most people go with the flow.

They let the river of life transport them and easily drown when they encounter rapids.

All rivers lead to the ocean, but to go against the current—at least temporarily—is to be human.

We live to fight and shape our fate.

No matter how absurd traveling upstream might sound, we have to try, for there is no greater pleasure for the Koi fish to challenge the vigor of its own life force.

Rivers rarely flow backward. It does happen, but it's unlikely. We can't rely on external circumstances to go where we want to.

Even better if one tries to reach the river bank to make use of the legs that were given to us. After all, swimming through life is not as natural as walking through it.

It is said that all life originated from the ocean, but humanity flourished on earth and reaches toward the sky to take flight.

I sometimes dream I'm flying. I jump as high as I can and breaststroke-swim throughout the air. I guess that's how my brain interprets the idea of flying: unconstrained swimming, aiming for the sun without burning myself out.