Going remote

I often hear people expressing the desire to find a remote job: "I wish I could live as you do."

Remote positions are rare, but there is no shortage of remote opportunities.

It's never been easier to switch career paths. Any marketable skills that can be monetized online can be learned online too: writing, marketing, programming, editing, teaching, etc. Free educational resources are everywhere.

You can also create an online business around what you're great at. Every skill can be taught, and you can teach people too. You can become a consultant, a Youtuber, a blogger, or provide niche productized services. The possibilities are many.

If you're already in a remote-friendly position but your company prevents you from going full-remote, you'll need to focus on acquiring leverage to re-negotiate your work conditions. It's not easy, but most knowledge workers probably already use online communication platforms to perform their daily activities. The infrastructure is already there, but only employees and the job market can lead the way toward new management methodologies: you eventually have to ask.

Wishing is not enough, you have to work for it. Remote jobs won't ever be handed to you, because they take a different set of skills.