Fuel for Imagination

Whenever I travel, I feel inspired.

Discovering a new environment stimulates the brain. All the information you need to take in can appear overwhelming, but in the end it's just brain food. Stay too long in one place and you start developing necrosis. Change is entertaining, but a change of air has mental health benefits.

There is something about observing people in public places. We are culturally different, but everyone looks so similar. People going to work. People eating. People sleeping. People in love. We all share the same aspirations: to have a good time, to seek a better life.

Travel fuels my imagination. Locals appear strange and mysterious. However, the moment you start sitting among them, living with them, you develop a relationship - you can relate. This duality is inspiring. It forces me to reinvent my identity, which is what imagination is all about: a change of perception - how you perceive yourself, others, facts, and ideas.

This is the reason why travel is an apprenticeship. A wandering mind is always learning.

What's a human without imagination? Dead wood. Not faced with new situations, humankind gradually loses its humanity. It can be travel, it can be a book, it can be someone new... just go out there.