From Idea to Revenue in 48 Days

-48 days: I want to be a better writer, so I will scribble at least 200 words every day and share the result on Twitter and Medium.

-42 days: I can't find the right product to help me improve my writings. There are nice writing communities in subreddits and in forums. There are nice writing tools to develop a writing habit. But not both at the same time.

-42 days: My co-founders and I decided to dissolve our startup after working on it for 1 year. We attained profitability, but we cannot reach an agreement on how to scale from there.

-39 days: The invites for the Product Hunt Makers Festival 2018 are sent. Registrations open.

-35 days: I need to cheer up after my cofounder breakup. Building cool tech products make me happy. If it can help others, it's even better. I sign up for the Makers Festival as a solo maker and decide to build a product where people can get into a writing habit and improve together. I choose 200 words as a minimum daily practice since I know from personal experience that it is doable. Everything is built in public: a public Trello, a dedicated Product Hunt Makers project page, a Makerlog product page and I tweet the tasks I completed in real-time.

-33 days: The MVP is out. It is a text editor inspired by Medium with an administration panel where your drafts and publications are displayed. 22 users subscribe, we publish 6 posts. Anyone can access the posts if you publish the URL but there is no centralized feed yet. All the early-users contribute to the project by suggesting design improvements, features and bug fixes.

-32 days: I add the Feed page.

-31 days: I add the Profile pages.

-27 days: The MLP is ready. I send all the required assignments to Product Hunt for judging. 36 users registered and we can read 8 posts on average every day.

-19 days: We reach 100 users. So many bugs to fix.

-17 days: We win the Product Hunt Makers Festival 2018 in the category "Other" competing with 19 other startups.

-13 days: We reach 200 users. More bugs, new features.

-9 days: I decide to write a book in public in 3 months by scribbling at least 200 words every day on this website. I share my idea on Hacker News and it hits the front page. We go from 228 to 341 users overnight.

-3 days: We are 400 writers. We have a dedicated Slack now.

Today: I release the Pro plan for 2$ a month that allows any users to post his/her writings in private. Anyone can choose its audience by sharing a URL. 2 hours later I have my first customer. It took 29 days to gather 424 writers. We write +30 posts per day and the community is developing its own culture. I wrote 67 ebook pages so far.

What's next: Ship faster. Grow faster. Help the members. Anyone can be a writer, and I feel ready to dedicate my next 10 years to this vision.