From Blogging to Vlogging

I've started experimenting with a new content format: a vlog to complement my daily blog.

Now it's gotten easy to write consistently every day, I'm free to focus on improving the quality and distribution of my posts.

The good thing with writing is that it can become an opportunity for literally anything: a newsletter, a podcast, a course, a book... writing is the pillar of content creation.

I want to expand my comfort zone by improving my speaking skills, so I hesitated between a podcast and a vlog. A podcast would be quicker to record and publish, but the time difference with vlogging is not that big if I keep it short and minimalist. Videos still generate more traffic than podcasts.

If I were to start vlogging regularly, it would be to support my business goals. To sell more, I need to reach a wider audience while creating stronger relationships, and videos are better than podcasts regarging this aspect. Humans are visual animals, our appearance enables trust, that's how we get to interact (or not) with other. That was the deciding point.

I'm still unsure of the format of the vlog. I have to try out different things. It has to be useful for my audience, but not too time-consuming when it's performed every day. Or maybe I could just slice and dice my articles to come up with more long-form content I could translate into videos.

Live-streaming was another alternative but it's too time-consuming for my viewers and I wouldn't stay consistent.

Vlogging also makes sense because it's still uncharted territory in the maker niche. Maybe a good use of vlogging would be to review my work while offering tips and tricks to aspiring entrepreneurs.

What do you think? What would you like to see?