Friendly Advice to New Makers

I'm in no position to give guidance, but here is a piece of advice I wish I knew when I started out as a maker: marketing is an integral part of making, don't avoid it and give it as much attention as shipping features.

Marketing is a frightening word when you know nothing about it. As Jason Fried from Basecamp wrote, just understand everything is marketing: it's not a secondary activity, it's almost a lifestyle.

Marketing is simply about sharing every day: choose a format (podcast, blog, videos, tweet, Instagram post, etc.) and create content on a daily basis by documenting your journey - what moves you, what you are doing and what you learned.

The tool/platform/community doesn't matter. Just pick the ones you know, or the ones you prefer. Consistency is more important.

Once you start sharing, you can grow your audience. Keep in mind the number of followers doesn't matter: you want people who interact with you or who actively come back to you to hear more - an audience.

You also have to interact with others: imagine everyone is a co-worker you can help to make great things together. You won't make it by yourself: help, and you shall receive help in return.

Your first products will probably suck. You can't have a successful launch without an audience, but you can't build an audience without credibility. Your work has to speak for yourself: words without acts are meaningless.

Start today. Making 12 products in 12 months is a great thing to learn, but you know what's more powerful? One blog post a day for 365 days.